Electric Wilds

Watch out for shockingly good wins in Electric wilds!

Introducing ‘Electric Wilds’, the second online slot from Northern Lights Gaming. An electrifying 3 x 3 slot with 5 win lines. Featuring a classic old school overprint matrix that produces shockingly good wins.

The details

Game Type: Online Video Slots Game

RTP: 96.12%

As the individual reel symbols stop there is a chance of a ’lightning overprint’ appearing in the bottom RHS corner of the individual symbols. Any ‘lightning overprint’ in view will light up the corresponding position on the RHS 3 x 3 matrix. For every complete lit line, horizontal, vertical or diagonal the player will have a chance of one award symbol going wild.

Each lightning overprint on the matrix has a 50% chance of holding over to the next spin. Watch out…For the ‘Super Overprint’ feature! Where one lightning overprint can burst into multiple lightening symbols with the chance of creating more winning lines on the 3 x 3 matrix.

Get a window full of the same symbols and the shockingly good repeater bonus comes into play, where the player can repeat the base game win up to 4X!!

Optimised for portrait mobile gaming experience.

General Information

Game Type: Video Slot Game   

Reel Type: Spinning Reels

Number of Reels: 3

Number of Lines: 5

Default Total Stake level: £1

Total Stake levels: 10p, 20p, 40p, 60p, £1, £2, £3, £5, £10, £20, £30, £50, £100.

Game Features

  • Reel Overprints with 50/50 holdover
  • ‘Old School’ 3x3 matrix display
  • Repeater Bonus
  • Super Overprint


Return to Player: 96.12%

Max Win: £250,000 capped (UK)

Game Design

Game Theme and Graphics

Base game features 9 individual 3D reels with multiple in-game cameras, giving the player a strikingly unique, bold and stunning gaming experience. Coupled with atmospheric sound effects and vivid colours to create a gaming experience unlike any other.

Lightning Overprints

A unique twist on an old UK pub mechanic. Keeping activity at a maximum whilst teasing the player with the 3 x 3 matrix mechanic.

Light up any line on the matrix to turn symbols wild.

Watch out for that ‘Super Overprint’! With a flash and a bang multiple overprints can appear on the matrix from one symbol overprint on the reels- Increasing the chance of more wining lines on the matrix!

Repeater Bonus

Fill a window full of the same symbols and enter the repeater bonus, with a chance of repeating the entry win up to x4